Paul Benedict (left) was born in Phoenix and has lived in Las Vegas since 1991. Early in life he was attracted to meditation and spiritual growth studies. Since 2009 he has taught classes in self-transformation and Theosophy. Paul writes and records original songs and music for acoustic and electric guitar. He is a certified yoga instructor and loves to teach hatha yoga, rāja yoga, and meditation.  He is dedicated to making a difference in the world by sharing his knowledge and life experience. Paul currently works and teaches classes on yoga, self-transformation, and Theosophy.

Terry Hunt (right) was born in northern Arizona and grew up on a dairy farm. At the age of 19 he served a two-year church mission in France and Switzerland. He studied chemistry, physics, biology and medical courses, but after several years of university study realized that what he really wanted to learn was the key to self-transformation. Since 1973 he has devoted his time to the study of Ancient Wisdom teachings, especially the philosophy of rāja yoga, esoteric Buddhism and esoteric Hinduism. In October 1979, he had a profound spiritual experience which resulted in an instantaneous change in consciousness. A second experience, similar in nature, occurred in October 2005. Terry has taught classes in Eastern philosophy and methods of self-transformation since 1978. He is a national lecturer for the Theosophical Society in America and an international lecturer for the Inter-American Federation. He teaches classes and workshops in the U.S., Central America, the Caribbean, and South America, both in English and in Spanish.

Both authors are available for book signings, classes and workshops.

List of Topics for Talks and Workshops