Ancient Wisdom for a New Age speaks in today’s language to seekers of all ages. Whether a seasoned student or a beginner, it opens new doors and fresh vistas on the soul’s journey to wisdom. This book brings the Ancient Wisdom into the 21st century!”

— Joy Mills, author of Reflections on an Ancient Wisdom and past Vice President of The Theosophical Society Adyar

"Ancient Wisdom for a New Age is written in the form of a dialogue in which the questions of an inquirer are answered by the authors.  The book offers some praiseworthy suggestions for ways to live the spiritual life.  The chapter on reincarnation is especially well-done.  Hunt and Benedict are to be commended for making a noble effort to help spiritual pilgrims on their way. By far the most practical chapter in the book is ‘Your Spiritual Practice’.”

Quest magazine, a journal of The Theosophical Society in America

"Who are we? What is our purpose in life? How can we develop our highest potential? Ancient Wisdom for a New Age was written to help the reader in his search. Within these pages the student will find a modern explanation of the Ancient Wisdom, profound and clear at the same time, exploring in a serious and honest nature the nature of Man and of Life, of God and the Cosmos. In order for knowledge to be converted into wisdom, it is necessary to put the concepts acquired into practice. The authors of this book offer exercises and practical guidance which can be applied in modern daily life for all who decide to embark in the adventure of self-discovery and transformation."

— Pablo Sender, PhD, author of Las Siete Dimensiones del Ser

This book lays out with elegance and simplicity the principles that make up the Wisdom Traditions of Humanity . I consider it essential for the sincere seeker, for here he can find the tools necessary to gain self-knowledge and understanding of the Self in its pristine and essential nature. Reading, understanding, and practicing it will develop the essential human character and the intuition which allows us to live a more effective life, confident and clear even in its darkest moments. But as the authors point out, you must decide — 'either you can do nothing different and simply continue what you have done in the past, or you can make the required effort to figure out how life works'."

— Fernando de Torrijos, former Director of Mindfulness Programs at the School of Medicine, University of Massachussetts

"I have heard people complain that they were not given a manual at birth to help in their spiritual development. It's never too late; now you have it. This book is a Practical Guide for Spiritual Growth. In the first chapter the authors explain in a concise manner the migration of consciousness from the mineral state to that of homo sapiens in its very long journey of return to its spiritual origin. The remaining chapters form a compendium of practical knowledge which can be applied to a modern life. I recommend it.

— Albert Amao, PhD, author of Beyond Conventional Wisdom